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Taito. Taito is Taito, I'm sure you know Taito. They licensed a few of their games (some updated or somehow different editions, others straight re-releases) to D3 for release as Simple titles. Aside from that, Taito being Taito they have more of a history than I'm going into here. Maybe check out the wikipedia article.
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Simple 1500 Series
The Kaiten: Mawasunda!!, The RC Car: RC de Go! (RC de Go), The Invader ~Space Invader 1500~, The Double Shooting ~Ray Storm x Ray Crisis~, The Jintori ~Volfied 1500~, The Power Shovel ~Power Shovel ni Norou!!~ (Power Diggerz), The Puzzle Bobble ~Puzzle Bobble 4~ (Bust-a-Move 4), The Densha Untenshi: Densha de Go! Nagoya Tetsudou Hen, The Ganso Densha Untenshi ~Densha de Go!~

Simple 2000 Series
The Tsuukin Densha Untenshi ~Densha de GO! 3 Tsuukinhen~, The Chikyuu Shinryakugun ~Space Raiders~ (Space Invaders: Invasion Day), The Uchuujin to Hanasou! ~Uchuujintte naani?~, The Super Puzzle Bobble DX

Simple DS Series
The Sagasou Fushigi na Konchuu no Mori

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