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this one is a fairly standard vertically scrolling shootemup, much like the dozens of similar games on the game boy, and it's reasonably competent for what it is. unfortunately thanks to the gamate's crap screen and constant sprite flicker you're often unable to see what the hell is going on - bullets especially were totally invisible on my older gamate. on the newer one it's just about workable but still not great. it's a shame the colour gamate never saw release (i think) - that probably would have been a lot less blur-prone.

some of the enemies are a bit weird - i always like a shootemup that's willing to take the piss a bit. these days they're all either deadly serious or full of sluts (hi cave) but back in the early 90s you'd get stuff like this that would throw disembodied beret-wearing rabbit heads, sets of lips (not pictured) and diskuns at you for no particular reason.

oh and the sound is...certainly unique, there's no music in the levels (except the jingle that plays when you pick up a powerup) just a constant stream of white noise (spaceship engine noise i suppose), with different white noise for shots and explosions, and beeping when you turn left and right. the whole thing makes it sound like an alien radio transmission or something, although that might have been what they were going for? maybe.


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