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the gameplay mechanics here are basically a copy of konami's famicom platformer "hi no tori" (based on osamu tezuka's manga, not to be confused with the msx2 shootemup) in which you press down+b to create a block in front of you, which is replicated in time warrior. obviously it's not as good as konami's game, and you will swear many a time at its annoying respawning bastard enemies, suspect controls and lightbulbs that fall from the sky for no bloody reason, but it's decent enough. and it has time travel!

your overall aim seems to be to assemble a picture (or something) by collection pieces from various time periods; this is as much as i could figure out from proceedings before i got bored of the bloody thing. basically i played through the first level to a point where i reached a portal to the (much easier) second. in that level i retrieved one of the pieces and, after a brief cutscene depicting it moving into place, was unceremoniously booted back into the first (maybe it acts as a hub?). where i promptly died several times and got a game over, with no chance to continue, and not so much as a password. which is a shame! because they could have an interesting exploration mechanic going on there, but there's not a chance in hell you'll complete the entire picture on three lives. no bloody way.


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additional pics: english box/manual/card / italian box (from ebay)