Nightmare of Santa Claus
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christ! where to start with this one. i suggest you scroll down and check out the label art first, because its not every day you see a naked santa with five teeth being chased by a bee and a..white thing. for the italian boxart they redrew the image in a less nightmare (of santa claus)-inducing fashion. as for the game? well, first off, the title screen is accompanied by a fairly decent rendition of jingle bells, except one of the sound channels kicks in a second or two later than it should and remains out of sync for the entire tune. mm.

the game itself seems to be original though! it might be a clone of an existing title, but if it is, i haven't played it. basically, santa claus (who looks nothing like santa claus in-game) has to collect all the coins in each level, then find a key and get to the exit. but he can't jump, leaving you reliant on mario style pipes to move around. at first i thought you had no means of attack either, but it turns out you actually do; you can fire something(?) at the enemies to stun them, i just didn't realise because (as is so often the case) the crap screen renders your projectiles nearly invisible.


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additional pics: italian box (from ebay)