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yknow, sometimes they don't even try to hide the games they're copying. so, yeah, this is a clone of pitfall. pitfall is a game i am not overly familiar with, because as far as i'm concerned console games only became worth a shit when the NES came out, much like no sitcom made before Fawlty Towers was actually funny. anyone who says otherwise is just clouded by nostalgia. 100% true.

i suppose that's the hero of the game - "pitfall gary" maybe.

going by my limited experience of the original game, everything that's supposed to there is present and correct, right down to the scorpions - the only exception is the ropes, which were apparently beyond the abilities of the gamate, so instead you hang onto hooks carried by birds (??)

English game intro via eBay

"Jones, a treasure hunter who has found many lost treasure, started his quest to seek the enchnted diamond ring called the Eye of the Nile. To get to his destination, he must get through desert, forest, and even swamp. Moreover, there are pitfalls everywhere and terrible monsters like crocodiles, giant lizards, and flying octopus are waiting to swallow him. Watch out! Do not fall into those pitfalls and then you are going to be a millionaire."


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