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impressions & screenshots courtesy Jonathan Lux

after reading the brief remarks about P. revenger on your site (taizou note: originally described as "a very odd platform game where everything is trying to kill you, every single second of play" by an ebay seller) i was prepared for the worst (probably the best vantage point to consider virgin bitcorp experiences, i guess) but it's not too bad. It's indeed a platform game, little Egyptian critters roam around everywhere, most take a couple shots to kill. The character moves around ok. He can jump pretty easily. One odd thing: their a lots of ropes to climb, and if you climb a rope that is two screens tall, and then fall(slide) to the bottom of the top screen, this kills you. must be the only game ever made to do this. when your character dies, he floats away with little wings. I think you have 3 lives. All the fonts used in the game seem unique from other gamate titles.

entering the tomb(?)

jumping toward a rope (and over some sort of ghoul).

in the corner of this last shot you'll see this square thing in the upper right corner. Forgot to mention that whenever you stand for too long in one spot, these things slowly drop toward you to encourage you to hall ass. Also, when you die you don;t exactly have wings, it's more like your legs are wrapped up and you're a little smaller and fainter. (more dead than just straight being mummified is odd to think about).

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