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Mini Golf is, indeed, something of a Mini Golf game. As the name suggests, in fact. It's viewed from above, and instead of picking a direction and then determining power and accuracy using an onscreen slider, like in, ooh, every other golf-based game ever (well, except Wii Golf, and that one on the PS2 that used the analog sticks) you control some sort of cursor, power being determined by how far away it is from the ball when you make your shot. It works quite well, though, making for a faster-paced game than most golf sims, except when you get the ball stuck in a corner and can't get enough distance to whack it out again. There's a range of obstacles to contend with, of course, some of which move...and items to pick up, which don't seem to do anything. This is all accompanied by a pretty terrible, repetitive tune, by the way. If you listen to it with headphones, the one sound channel it uses switches from left to right at random intervals with no bearing on the "music", such that it is.


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additional pics: italian box (from ebay)