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well! at first i thought this was just a straight galaxian clone, and i even wrote a sarcastic introduction deriding it for being just such a clone, but as it turns out it at least brings a few new things to the table; the first stage is more or less straight-up galaxian, with the addition of a couple of shields, but it gets interesting later on. you get different formations, for one, and sometimes a thing flies across the top of the screen in space invaders style. you also seem to gain the ability to turn your ship into a moth or something (?) and later levels have weird crystals and stuff in them (??) - these two were only witnessed in the attract mode (which i can't screenshot), because apparently i'm too crap to get past stage 2. i do have an excuse though! this game suffers quite badly from "tornado syndrome", where small fast-moving objects (ie the bullets and aliens, quite crucial to a galaxian-ish game) are sometimes rendered invisible by motion blur.


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additional pics: italian box (from ebay)