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impressions from Mr.Postman via my fantastic message board

Well, I've sat down and played Legend of Dragon Knight a few times today. It sort of feels like a level-based Legend of Zelda clone. When you start the game, you see your character walk up to a house on a map, and you can see there are about 10 or 11 stages. It's a top view game, and you kill enemies to collect coins and keys. There are many little shops scattered about each little level, which give you the option to buy new weapons. The problem is, the second you kill an enemy you have absolutely no time to grab the item they drop unless you kill them at point blank, so newer long distance weapons seem pretty useless. There is a glowing boxed in orb in the center of the stage, that you can access once you've collected enough keys and beat the level. During the level one button lets you attack, and the other seems to do nothing but freeze your character in place when you hold it. You have a life bar, and it seems that you can take about 4 hits before you die.

The game is frustrating and difficult, like so many other Gamate titles. Once you've tediously collected those keys for an eternity and beat the level, you go to a side view platformer boss stage where that useless freeze button becomes a jump button. *Of course*, the boss kills you in one hit and you can barely figure out what's going on when concentrating on the blurry LCD screen. Maybe those newer weapons could be useful in the boss stages. I have no idea how you could possibly beat this game without having the option to save. When you pause the game, a little menu pops up in the center of the screen displaying the amount of coins and keys you have, and what type of weapon you are using. Due to this and how quick enemies kill you, getting in-game scans will be a headache.

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