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Dino Ball is Pinball. It doesn't seem to be particularly dino-themed (as far as I can tell there isn't a dinosaur in the whole thing), but hey.

It's not the greatest handheld pinball I've ever played - that honour goes to the original Pokemon Pinball - but it's not the worst either. It's also quite hard to take screenshots of the game without any proper capture device (if such a device even exists), because when you pause, this screen comes up:

Oh, except in certain bonus rounds, it actually triggers what seems to be a glitchy prototype pause screen. Odd. But I was able to obtain screenshots by holding the ball in the right flipper and taping the button down. Observe!

These are the two halves of the main table. You may notice that they don't quite fit together - that's just Bit Corp magic (as is the fact that the left flipper has disappeared in both shots, due to some bizarre glitch that happens if you hold the ball in one place for too long). Also note what seems to be a knockoff Goomba wandering around on the bottom screen.

There are about four bonus areas you can get to by various means, but these are the only two with particularly notable weird creature thingys in them. The first one appears on the box art, the other two... don't. I'm sure I've seen them somewhere before, though. Maybe because they just look like hairy versions of any number of spherical mascot characters. Or possibly anthropomorphised testicles.


(click for hi-res versions)

additional pics: english box (from ebay)