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Cosmic Fighter has a great title screen. Guy in a spacesuit giving a peace sign, and some crazy inappropriately upbeat game music, what more could you want from a title screen? Nothing, that's what.

The game itself..well, my first thought was "Exerion clone", because it sort of looks like one. But I suppose it isn't - you can only move left and right, for one, whereas Exerion gave you the freedom of...most of the screen. Exerion also had more interesting enemy formations and stuff, whereas this just throws a few bat-looking things (space bats?) at you, then throws some more at you when you shoot the others down. Still, it's alright for what it is, that being a simplistic shooty game for a console where all the games were developed by one small company over the course of two years. And I do like the title screen.

The Game Over screen features this cute little fairy/bee thing, which is about as out of place as the music on the title screen. But this kind of stuff is what makes this damn game more than just a sort of Exerion clone. Absolutely.


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additional pics: italian box (from ebay)