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impressions & screenshots courtesy Jonathan Lux

Judging from the videos available online, Boom! is definitely a super pang clone. It takes place in a single screen sized room, and you begin popping this bouncy ball into smaller pieces as it/they fly around the room. Some fragments seem to hurt you, while others pass right through you. In the context of the other few Gamate games i've played, it seemed sort of fun. I've no direct experience with super pang, Boom! appears to have an added touch: there is this little creature who jogs back and forth across the bottom of the screen whom you must hop over. if while who jumping around, you land on him, you will die. But it does make for some pretty interesting game-play. Once your lives are all gone the game also offers 2 or 3 opportunities to continue.

Game intro via eBay

"The international balloon shooting competition is just about to begin. Athletes from all over the world are flocking to this grand scale competition. Every competing athletes is the best in their region. To collect their score each competitor has to shoot as many balloon as possible, and to further test their agility there are also gremlins that appear in undetermined times, disturbing and sometimes throwing the athlete out of the arena."

Additional Images

Italian box back (closeup)
from ebay:
Italian box front
Italian box back
International box+manual+card (mettool!)