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Bomb Blast(er) is a terrible Bomberman clone. No two ways about it. The only two interesting things about this game are the fact that some of the enemies look like Pac-Man ghosts, and the text on the Game Over screen spells out "Move Rage" before rearranging itself into "Game Over". "Move Rage" is probably the best way to describe this game using only the letters contained within "Game Over", actually (sorry) - the guy (the same pixelated gentleman from Witty Apee, only with a crudely drawn face on the front of his pixel-head) moves excruciatingly slowly. Oh, and when you die - probably thanks to an enemy hidden by flicker and motion blur - the entire level resets. Powerups are few and far between - I picked up one that made the guy move at a speed fast enough to almost make the game tolerable, and another that didn't seem to do anything. There's no multiplayer, the music is terrible, and the name on the title screen doesn't match the name on the label. (A title screen, incidentally, which I only managed to screenshot using my patented technique of yanking the cartridge out while it wasn't moving, causing the Gamate to freeze - not something I'd risk with most games, but Bomb Blaster ... it's really bad)

You can access a debug mode by pressing A and B together, increase the numbers using the Select button, and press Start to resume gameplay, but it doesn't seem to do anything other than make the brick graphics disappear. Ah well. It certainly doesn't unlock the hidden "good game" mode.

The one thing I actually do like about this game, though, is the boxart. It's pretty much what Bomberman would look like if it was real, but the bombs were in the same proportion.


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additional pics: italian box (from ebay)