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ah, myth of can kind of see the makings of a decent (in an early-90s gameboy kind of way) platformer in here. unfortunately like so many gamate games, it was clearly rushed, so you're subject to many hundreds of cheap deaths at the hands of dodgy collision detection and questionable jumping controls. basically if you jump while already holding left or right, you will jump about half the width of the screen, no doubt right into a pit or onto the head of the nearest enemy (which kills you instantly, super mario this isn't). what you have to do if you want to get anywhere in this game is jump first, press left or right second; this at least affords you some control over where you land. which is, yknow, nice. once you've got that down it's just a matter of jumping about and shooting UFOs and frogs and cats and shit, while a repetitive tune plays in the background.

i still didn't get past level 1-2 though. fuck this game.


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additional pics: italian box (from ebay)