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you think of a title, i'm tired

just a quick note to say this site *may* go offline for a short while in the near future, but it'll be back most probably before xxxmas. if that does happen, but it might not.
* update: actually nevermind that. its all good now

posted by taizou at on 19/12/2008 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

born from an egg on a mountain top..

i feel like i should mention this, because it's from Gamtec, a developer i've taken somewhat of an interest in lately, yet it's managed to fly completely under my radar until the other day - the Mega Drive game "Wukong Waichuan" aka "Wucom Legend" has received an english localisation and worldwide cartridge release courtesy of Super Fighter Team (previously known for doing the same with Beggar Prince) under the title "Legend of Wukong". which is awesome! i bought one and everything.

posted by taizou at on 11/12/2008 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

what's mr. motivator up to these days anyway

i'm feeling motivated again
for some reason?
maybe some stuff will appear on the site soon
but not tonight, it's too late.
this is a problem i have - whenever i feel like being productive (whether its aimed at something genuinely important, or something entirely not (like this website (or abusing parentheses))) it's usually at the precise moment that i know i really probably should go to bed if i'm going to get an even remotely reasonable amount of sleep and still get up at whatever the fuck o'clock in the morning. good god, this is almost starting to sound like a blog isn't it. anyway, point is, i don't know exactly. watch this space? i don't like that expression. who am i to tell you what spaces to watch? don't watch this space, do something else. play pop cutie! street fashion simulation if you want. you might like it.

posted by taizou at on 11/11/2008 in uncategorised ~ comments (1)

once you pop, etc

Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation is one of the best games I've played in ages. I'm not even kidding.

posted by taizou at on 10/11/2008 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)


i just feel i should mention this for anyone who may still be visiting this site, since it's been five months or so since the last update - this site isn't dead. absolutely not. stuff will be forthcoming. some recent developments have forced me to completely rethink this thing i was working on, and i'm still not sure how, or indeed if, i want to proceed with the thing as a whole, but all its various parts can still pretty much stand alone with a bit of extra explanation tacked onto them, so it'll probably appear in some form or another. then there's the other thing that will take ages simply because it's getting quite tedious and i'd rather do something else, and the other other thing that most likely won't get off the ground, but you can probably disregard that particular thing anyway since it's almost entirely unrelated to the rest of the crap on here. and of course there's always the weird tangents i go off on from time to time. anyway all kinds of shit is going on in the world, go and check it out, i'll be back later.

posted by taizou at on 28/10/2008 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

(neo)fuji finepix

i've gathered a few (a shitload) of pictures from taiwanese auction sites recently, in an attempt to discover new and interesting unlicensed games or pirate originals. something i mostly failed to do, having now amassed what mostly amounts to thousands of blurry photos of generic pirate carts. but i'm not letting all that bloody time go to waste, so i'm going to shove them up on here, starting with the megadrive unlicensed stuff, because there's quite a bit of it. don't hold your breath for the rest, it all depends on if i can be arsed sorting it out and uploading it, which i probably can't.

posted by taizou at on 20/05/2008 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

a kiss in a tube, a wank in a packet

neofuji is now "on" youtube, with a five-part complete playthrough of squirrel king and a video of selected levels of the universe soldiers (both of which are by gamtec, a company that i'm going to cover on here at some point in the distant future). that's pretty much the sort of thing i'll be uploading - you won't get any of me being "hilarious" or anything. so! here it is.

posted by taizou at on 09/05/2008 in uncategorised ~ comments (2)

spam fritter

i just noticed in the site stats that more than 60% of the total pageviews are of the message board - considering that no one posts there, i can only assume that these are all visiting spambots trying to unleash their pornographic payload on my board. but! i haven't seen an actual spam post in ages. so i'm both slightly proud of my crappy board software for successfully fighting off all these would-be spammers, and slightly depressed that you can't run a simple little message board on an unpopular site these days without extensive measures to fend off adverts for [okay i'm editing this out because theres a lot of odd shit going on with referrers at the moment] and stuff. ah well, that's the internet for you i suppose.

posted by taizou at on 23/04/2008 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

catch the heart

Recently a number of games based on old Taito properties have appeared (some of which I reported on in previous posts here), then disappeared, then reappeared with a new name and characters. which I thought was quite odd - Taito have never been averse to exploiting their old licenses, after all. These are all the titles I'm aware of:

So! What's the reason behind all of this? According to a spokesperson from UFO Interactive, the publisher of many of these games in the US, "To make a long story short, Taito, who is now owned by Square [Enix], had some issues with us and we had to let the title go" (the title in this case being Kiki KaiKai 2). So, evidently Taito, probably under orders from Square Enix, are withdrawing the licenses from all these smaller companies (many of which have a history of working with Taito) but why? are they just being arseholes? were there quality concerns? (many of the recent games from these developers haven't been all that well received, after all). or maybe they're shifting development back in-house, which could be a good idea, because Space Invaders Extreme is brilliant. (if that was done in-house? argh i dunno)

posted by taizou at on 19/03/2008 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)


neofuji is in need of someone who a) knows chinese and b) doesn't mind translating any old shite i throw at them on a drunken whim, mostly relating to obscure taiwanese video games and stuff like that. if this is you, email me! thanks.

posted by taizou at on 15/03/2008 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)